8 de diciembre de 2023

JADE Letter to INF

Letter to INF/FNI, General Secretariat

Dear INF/FNI colleagues:

The new Madrid Nudist Club AANUMA has the pleasure to inform the International Naturist Federation about the event that will take place on July, 24th in Valencia (Spain).

A Spanish working group composed from friendship by ENE and ANC Naturist Clubs, in conjunction with AANUMA, are developing an Open Forum about Nudism and Naturism. The goal of this Forum is to offer an open discussion related to interesting topics about social aspects of Naturism in our day by day society and activities.

The selected working-place has been Sierra Natura, an inland mountain naturist resort located at Serra d’Enguera mountains, in the Valencian region. As you well probably know, Sierra Natura is the most emblematic reference point in the Spanish Naturism and thanks to the helpful cooperation of its Managing Director, Mr. Diego Lozano, which facilities will be used to celebrate this Open Forum and will host the participants.

This Forum is a set of conferences with diverse final round discussions in parallel to naturist information points. Any Naturist people (federated or not) is welcome to attend freely along with the specially invited participant at Sierra Natura’s Forum. There are some chances that the Forum could even be in live transmission through internet, but that is still to be confirmed.

The most representative Open Forum activities are the following:

  • Nudism versus Naturism” session will be introduced by the Madrid Nudist Club, AANUMA.
  • Nudists and Textils” session will be introduced by the Basque Naturist Association, ENE.
  • Nudism and Body Image” session will be introduced by the Cantabric Naturist Association, ANC.
  • Coordinating and final discussions of this Forum will be run by the Madrid Nudist Club, AANUMA.

At the end of this Forum, and in case you should consider this event interesting for our common Naturist promotional purposes, we will be happy to send to you either session texts, and/or executive summaries.

Yours faithfully,

Ms. K. Moreno, AANUMA Chairman

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